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The eyes are an essential part of our overall health and wellbeing. Without good eyesight, life feels lifeless. A healthy lifestyle and getting your eyes tested regularly can help keep your eyes healthy. It is easy and familiar to neglect the eyes because they don’t often hurt when there is a problem. In this modern age, many factors are causing our eye health silently, and we remain unaware of their loss until they become totally damaged. Taking care of them and treatment in case of any medical problem can help to protect them for a long time.

Factors those causes our eyes health:

Those factors are under below;

UV exposure ultraviolet rays directly affect the eyes. 

However, most people do not know about the effect of these harmful rays. Studies have shown that UV damage can occur from nine years old. The public doesn’t have a good understanding of sunglasses for eye protection. Rather than just use them for fashion. Doctors recommend using wraparound sunglasses to limit the number of UV rays.

UV exposure ultraviolet rays directly affect the eyes. 
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Screen time

Screen time drastically causes dry eyes. It’s causing subsequent cases of myopia in children and adults also. Safe UV-free exposure to bright natural light and exercising long-range sigh will help counteract myopia.

Screen time
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Poor contact lens hygiene

Millions of people worldwide wear contact lenses. Practices, like not changing the lenses on time and topping up contact lens solution with tap water create a significantly higher risk of fungal and bacterial infections. Which can also cause weak insight and blindness.

Poor contact lens hygiene
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Smoking is terrible for the long-term maintenance of vision. The impacts of smoking on eye health remain largely unknown. Smoking can have two severe consequences on the eyes, such as blindness and retinal disease.

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Harmful tools, chemicals, and lights

Harmful tools, chemicals, and lights are also unsafe for eye health. They are the leading cause of eye damage. They can be entered into the eye area, which can be extremely serious.


Dust can be tough to avoid in our routine. Working in a dusty surrounding can cause eye injury. The worker should wear eye protection goggles. They are an effective way to protect the eye and vision.

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How to protect eyes:  

Eat well:

You are what, what you eat. Diet plays a vital role in your health. What we eat appears on our faces. So eating health impacts not only your overall health but also affects your eye health. Eat vitamin c rich foods. Nuts are an excellent option.

Wear sunglasses:

Sunglasses enhance your look and protect your eye from harmful sun rays. Choose good glasses for your eyes protection and ripe their benefits.

Stay away from the screen:

In this era of technology, staying away from the screen is difficult. Our whole life revolves around screens. Reducing screen time and maintaining a proper distance while using the screen will be helpful for your eyes. Wearing glasses that can protect your eyes from blue LD lights is also good.

Visit your eye doctor from time to time:

Visit your eye doctor from time to time will make you more conscious about your eye health. You will be updated about your eye sight and can take necessary measures to maintain the rising problem in time.


Our eyes are one of our most vital body parts, and their protection is necessary. Many factors directly impact our eye sight, such as smoking, poor diet, ultraviolet rays, chemicals, and screen lights. Some factors we can control, and others we cannot. We can take measures to protect our eyes, such as getting regular checkups, eating healthy, reducing screen time, and wearing sunglasses outdoors. By being proactive about our eye health, we can help ensure healthy eyes for years.

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