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Yasin Malik Conviction in ‘sham trial’

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Pakistan has condemned the conviction of Kashmiri leader Yasin Malik by an Indian court after a “sham trial” and urged Indian authorities to stop the victimization of the representatives of the Kashmiri people.

An Indian court convicted Yasin Malik in a terrorism-related case filed by the National Investigation Agency (NIA). The maximum sentence of the case is the death penalty or life imprisonment. Yasin Malik had been charged with terrorist activities and illegally raising funds. He has also been blamed as a member of a terrorist organization.

During his arguments with the court, he said, “Terrorism-related charges leveled against me are concocted and fabricated.” He added that his organization, the Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front, is a freedom fighter group. Yasin Malik also told the judge, “if seeking freedom is a crime, then I am ready to accept this crime and its aftermaths.”

Indian higher court judge Praveen Singh set May 25 for hearing further arguments from both sides. The judge also directed Yasin Malik to produce an affidavit regarding his financial assets.

The cases against Kashmiri leadership are being pursued further exposes the evil Indian scheme to undermine the historic and distinct political and cultural identity of IIOJK – Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir.

It has been said that Yasin Malik’s conviction has conjured up against other Kashmiri leaders. The way this has happened is not just an injustice to Kashmiris. It is an insult to any person who believes in the principles of democracy.

Let us make you aware of those who do not know who Yasin Malik is. He is the current president of the Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front. He was one of the leaders of the Kashmiri uprising in the 90s and has been a much-revered leader of the Kashmiri struggle.

The detention of Yasin Malik in the Tihar jail is a serious human rights violation, and the fact that he has been detained in solitary confinement for a long time is inhuman and torture of the highest order. He has been picked up for a non-bailable arrest warrant on some flimsy and false charges that are hardly worth calling charges.

The struggle for the right to self-determination in Kashmir is indigenous and cannot be dampened by the draconian strong-arm tactics of the Indian Government. There is an ongoing battle fought in Kashmir between the Kashmiri people and the Army. The battle is fought with the guns, bullets, and grenades, but it is also fought with pens and the Kashmiri people’s pens.

Pakistan urged the Indian Government to stop the victimization of Kashmiris through inhuman detentions and trumped-up charges. The Foreign Office Spokesperson said that the deliberate targeting of Kashmiri students and personnel by Indian intelligence agencies is a grave concern.

The spokesperson added that Pakistan has repeatedly conveyed that the continued detention of Kashmiri leadership and youth and the exploitation of their liberty as a pretext for spreading turmoil in the region is counterproductive and against the spirit of the ongoing peace efforts. The perpetrators of these and other similar acts must be brought to justice.

Several Kashmiri political leaders and activists have been detained and charged with terror-related crimes in India. The fact that they were detained while protesting the Indian military’s use of torture and human rights violations and that the crimes they have been charged with are based on “trumped-up” evidence underscores their status as political prisoners and the illegitimacy of the Government’s actions. India is responsible for releasing these political prisoners immediately and ending human rights violations in Kashmir.

FM Bilawal raises a question about Kashmir issue with US congressman

Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari today telephoned a US Congressman over the Kashmir issue, the first such instance of a foreign office reaching out to the US lawmaker to discuss Kashmir. The Congressman, Adam Smith, later told the media that Bilawal had informed him about the gross human rights violations in Kashmir. “He also informed me that Kashmiris were being killed and tortured in IHK (India-held Kashmir).

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